New Emergency near Antarctica

30 March 2014


A Royal Australian Air Force P3 Orion searching for has been re-tasked to near Antarctica after a fishing vessels EPIRB activated.

AMSA responds to emergency beacon activation

Earlier today the Rescue Coordination Centre detected a signal from an emergency distress beacon registered to a fishing vessel in the far southern Indian Ocean near Antarctica.

The RCC was unable to establish communications with the vessel and the nature of distress is unknown.

The beacon islocated about 3,241 kilometres south west o Perth and 648 kilometres north of the Antarctic mainland.

A civil jet with an Aero Rescue search and rescue mission co-ordinator and State Emergency Service air observers has been tasked out of Melbourne to investigate the beacon. It will take five hours to transit the 3,889 kilometres to the location and will have two hours on scene before having to return.

The RCChas re-tasked a Royal Australian AirForce P3Orion from the search fo rMH370  to fly to the area and render assistance if required. The P3 is capable of dropping survival equipment. It will take five hours to reach the location of the beacon.

A civil jet has been brought into replace the P3in today’s search for MH370.

A broadcast to shipping has been issued however due to the remoteness of the location it is unlikely that any other ships will be near the area.

The weather forecast for the area is extremely poor with low cloud,rain, snow and a water temperature of 2oC.

AMSA will provide more information when it becomes available.

Media Enquiries:1300 624 633




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