Is this MH 370?

19 March 2014


Could this be missing MH 370 Boeing 777 ?

Could this be missing MH 370 Boeing 777 ?

A Taiwan university student who has assisted the search effort by scouring satellite images on the website Tomnod claims to have found an image of Flight MH370.

The Taiwan China Times reported that the image had not yet been verified and the surrounding jungle landscape had yet to be identified.

Three million people have joined the effort to locate the missing plane on Tomnod, in what may be the largest crowdsourcing project of its kind.

The satellite firm DigitalGlobe, which owns the Tomnod platform, said that its search area now has some 24,000 square kilometres (9,000 square miles) and that more images are being added daily, including a new area in the Indian Ocean.

The company said more than three million people had participated in the program, with some 257 million “map views’’ and 2.9 million areas “tagged’’ by participants.

The response was so great it overloaded the system’s computers for a time last week.

It is unclear whether the above Tomnod image even shows a Malaysia Airlines plane. Commentators have suggested the coloured ring towards the tail seems more like the paint scheme of Qantas than Malaysian Airlines.


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