Police raid house of Malaysia Airlines pilot

13 March 2014

POLICE investigating the mystery disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 have raided the house of the chief pilot in a bid to uncover anything strange about his behaviour in the days leading up to the ill-fated flight.

They have questioned his family and are investigating if there were any underlying mental or psychological issues but say it is a routine part of their investigation.

The pilot, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, has been described as an “aviation geek”, devoted entirely to his job and who had more than 18,000 flying hours during his three decades at Malaysian Airlines.


Police have said that as part of their probe into the missing airliner that they are looking at four areas — hijack, sabotage and psychological and personal problems with the passengers or crew.

They have been combing through all the CCTV footage from Kuala Lumpur airport of every passenger and crew member on the flight to witness the behaviour of all 239 before they boarded the plane that evening.

Police sources have confirmed that officers have gone to the pilot Capt Shah’s home to question his family but stress it is a normal part of their investigation and there is no suggestion at this stage of anything untoward or of anything wrong with the pilot.

Malaysia Airlines have described Captain Shah as “a very seasoned pilot” with a track record of excellent service and say there was no indication of anything untoward about his behaviour.


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